Cyclic Movements

Duration: 9 Minutes

Cyclic Movements is a concerto grosso without accompanying orchestra. Each instrument’s range of ability is exploited through their playing as soloists, duos, trios, and the full quartet.This work consists of five interconnected movements, each with its own distinct character, yet retaining melodic, harmonic, and textural characteristics from preceding movements.

Cyclic Movements was composed in Tallahassee, Florida for Patrick Meighan in the Fall of 1995 and was premiered on November 9 that same year.

The available score, made in March 2014, contains a few small changes from the original.



March 31, 1995 in Opperman Music Hall, Florida State University School of Music by Patrick Meighan, Norma Mastrogiacolo, Moises Molina, and Christopher Martin.


  • Alto Saxophone
  • Cello
  • Piano
  • Percussion (one player):
  • Kick Bass Drum, 2 TomToms, 2 Bongos, 2 Temple Blocks, 2 Suspended Cymbals, Tam-tam, Triangle, 1 Large Timpani, Vibraphone, Xylophone
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